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What a year it was!! It's hard to believe the festive season is already upon us. We could not have made it through this year without you! Even if things didn't go as planned this year, we hope you have managed to keep a positive outlook.

Thank you to all those who attended the AGM on 18th November where we said goodbye to our Chair Penny McClean and welcomed new members Chris and Edye, and David Watkinson as the new chair.

To view the AGM minutes and annual report, click here.

Goodbye Penny

We are sorry to say goodbye to Penny McClean (previously Granger), who has retired from being a trustee and the Chair of Forever Active.

While she will be missed by all at Forever Active, she certainly deserves her retirement. Her hard work and diligence have greatly benefited our organisation.
Penny McClean
Penny joined the then committee of a small, Cambridge City only, Forever Active, nine years ago. She became Chair two years later as Forever Active became a limited company; it had previously been an agency of the City Council.

In 2014 she saw it acquire charitable status. Penny recruited new trustees/directors of what became a much more professional organisation, which grew to reach, in the last 'normal' year before the pandemic, 25,000 individual attendances at classes.

She also guided us through the worst of the pandemic. Penny's leadership will continue impacting the organisation for many years to come.

Penny, may this next chapter of life bring you endless time to do the things you love!


David Watkinson: Chair
David has had a lifetime of work in healthcare, information technology and management consultancy and since his ‘retirement’ has volunteered that experience to help Forever Active develop. In addition to his work-based experience, David is a keen tennis player and amateur musician.

David is married and now lives in Kent in order to be closer to his five grandchildren. He still finds time to play his violin, but with an orchestra in Tunbridge Wells as opposed to Cambridge.

Edye Hoffmann: Trustee
Edye (ē-dē) is the founder of Dementia Compass and works in our community to enhance resources for individuals living with Alzheimer’s, other dementia and mild cognitive impairment and their families.

She’s particularly interested in the importance of our physical and social health on our cognitive health, something we’ve all struggled to keep up with during the pandemic.

Chris Wojtecki Trustee
Chris is a class member, having attended Forever Active’s Strength and Balance group for several years as a follow-up to Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
Whilst originally from London, Chris now lives in Comberton and is married with one son.

A career in the chemical industry developed his business skills, particularly in sales and marketing, as well as account management.

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But do remember this can easily change and the Omicron variant may lead to further changes.

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